Fukui Happiness Tour [Yuki-FULL TICKET]

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Fortunately-What is FULL TICKET?

Fukui gourmet, if you get lost in souvenirs, this is it!
Introducing "Meguri", which is full of great deals while strolling around the city, and "Night" tickets, which are perfect for dinner.

Ticket handling instructions

  • 1. Buy a ticket

  • 2. Select your favorite product from the shops where coupons can be used

  • 3. Go to the store

  • 4. Please give the required number of coupons to the staff of the store.

Requests and notes

  • Tickets are valid only for the period of use
  • Tickets will not be reissued in any case (lost, lost, damaged, etc.)
  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable
  • Tickets cannot be redeemed. In addition, resale is strictly prohibited.
  • If the target product is out of stock, we may change the product or we may not be able to offer the product.
  • If the target product is alcohol, it cannot be used by drivers and minors. ・ Tickets may not be available on some days and times depending on the store. Please see the information of each store