Asuwa Amusement Park

Updated: 2021年3月31日(Wed)

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This amusement park is located in the satoyama (undeveloped woodland near populated area) called Asuwayama, surrounded by the natures of Fukui City.
The zoo has about 60 species of animals, including ponies, rabbits, capybaras and colorful parakeets.
The distance between the people and animals is very close, and you can feel their breathing and see their eye movements up close.

Other information

Adress 福井市山奥町58-97
Tel 0776-34-1680
Business (opening) hours 9:30~16:30
Day off
12 / 29-end of February
* Hapijan is from 12/29 to 1/3
Official URL http://www.city.fukui.lg.jp/dept/d380/zoo/index.html