Echizen Suisennosato Park, Daffodil Dome

Updated: 2021年3月31日(Wed)

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You can enjoy beautiful Echizen daffodils at the Daffodil Dome, which is the main attraction at the Echizen Suisennosato Park. You can appreciate the daffodils year-round. This facility is the first ever in Japan to succeed in keeping the flowers blooming throughout the year. With the opening of the Daffodil Dome, more people are able to appreciate the beauty of the Echizen daffodils. Two-thousand flowers are cultivated and exhibited at all times. The sweet smell of the lovely daffodils is very inviting.

Other information

Adress 福井市居倉町43-25
Tel 0776-89-2381
Business (opening) hours 9:00~17:00
Day off New Year’s holidays (December 29 - January 1)
Usage fee Standard entrance fee: 300 yen
Official URL http://www.city.fukui.lg.jp/kankou/kankou/sisetu/echizensuisennosatokouen.html