Mt. Monju

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福井市二上町  (二上登山口駐車場)

Mt. Monju is a mountain made holy by Taicho Daishi who climbed it thirteen centuries ago in 717 AD. It consists of three ridges: Omonjyu, Shomonju and Okunoin. Mt. Monju is the central peak of the five mountains that make up the Ochi Mountains: Mt. Haku, Mt. Hino, Mt. Ochi, Yoshinogatake and Mt. Monju.

At an altitude of 365 meters on the mountainside, there is a small temple called Omonju that houses a statue of the bodhisattva Manjusri that was built by Taicho himself and is still worshiped as a Buddha to this day.

The mountain can be climbed in all seasons, and you can enjoy a variety of plants and flowers. In the spring there are camellias, dogtooth violets and late-blooming cherry blossoms; in the summer, there are green trees and plants; and in the autumn there are the changing leaves before winter. You can also see Japanese serows, which are a rare species of wild antelope-like mammal. Also, an endangered plant called Amana latifolia Erythronium has been found for the first time on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Japan.

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