Seiren Planet

Updated: 2021年3月31日(Wed)

Center of Fukui city Attractions/Experience Experience/leisure

910-0006 福井県福井市中央1-2-1ハピリン5F

Japan's most beautiful real 8K full-sky projection

A space and astronomical museum famous for its planetarium.
The planetarium is a dome with a diameter of seventeen meters. It features science projections using 8K full-sky images, commentary programs showing the stars in the clear night sky, and other original programs, such as Japan's first live-action drama.

There are five exhibition rooms with thirteen exhibits about Fukui, the earth, the solar system, space and culture.
You can spend an enjoyable time in the exhibition rooms while learning a lot about our mysterious universe and our home planet.

Other information

Adress 910-0006 福井県福井市中央1-2-1ハピリン5F
Tel 0776-43-1622
Business (opening) hours Fri, Sat, and days preceding holidays 10:00 - 21:00
Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun, and holidays 10:00 - 18:30
Day off Tuesdays, and the day following holidays
2nd Wednesday of every month
New Year’s holidays
Usage fee Standard entrance fee: 800 yen
*Includes exhibition rooms & dome
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