Tachibana Akemi Literature Memorial Museum

Updated: 2021年3月31日(Wed)

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918-8007 福井市足羽1丁目6-34

Tachibana Akemi was a poet during the closing days of the Edo Period. He was discovered by Shiki Masaoka during the Meiji Period and became widely popular thereafter.
The Tachibana Akemi Memorial Literature Museum is built on the ruins of Akemi's former house, called “Koganaya,” or Golden Hut.
At the age of 21, Akemi retired and lived a secluded life on top of Mt. Atago (currently Mt. Asuwa), where he continued to write poems about life, society and nature while living in poverty, but without the restraints of civilization.
In one exhibit area, you can see a part of the restored straw house in which he lived; in another, you can see some of the letters and literary works he wrote during his life as well as learn about the famous people of the late Edo period. This is the place to visit to know more about Akemi’s world.

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Adress 918-8007 福井市足羽1丁目6-34
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