Mikuni Sunset Beach

Updated: 2021年3月31日(Wed)

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913-0063 福井県坂井市三国町宿米ケ脇

The Mikuni Sunset Beach stretches across the northwestern part of Mikuni Port.
It is popular with families with small children because of its shallow waters.
Every year on August 11th, the largest fireworks festival in the Hokuriku area is being held here.
Including 5000 fireworks such as gimmick fireworks and starmine, various other fireworks such as Niagara Falls brighten up the night sky. The beautiful fireworks reflecting on the Sunset Beach are absolutely gorgeous.
Also, during the peak season, this beach is popular with young people that go yachting and windsurfing.

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Adress 913-0063 福井県坂井市三国町宿米ケ脇
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