Yokokan Garden

Updated: 2021年3月31日(Wed)

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910-0004 福井県福井市宝永3-11-36

The Yokokan Garden was formerly the villa of the Matsudaira clan, one of the lords of the Fukui Domain. It was used as a guesthouse during the Meiji era, but was destroyed during a war. However, as part of the Gosensui Plan, the garden was designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty during the Edo Period and has since been restored. It is a tasteful garden with ponds, trees, rock arrangements, and out-buildings in the Sukiya architectural style. You can enjoy all four seasons here.
This garden has been recognized both domestically and internationally and was ranked third among Japanese gardens in an American garden magazine for three consecutive years until 2010.

Other information

Adress 910-0004 福井県福井市宝永3-11-36
Tel 0776-20-5367     (0776-21-0489)
Business (opening) hours 9:00-19:00 (last entry at 18:30)
*Closing time is 17:00 from November 6 to the end of February
Day off New Year’s Holidays (December 28 - January 4)
Usage fee Standard entrance fee: 210 yen
Official URL http://fukuisan.jp/ja/yokokan/index.html