Sauce Katsu Don

Sauce Katsu Don

Comfort food loved by the citizens of Fukui

People imagine “Katsudon,” being a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, vegetables and condiments. However, the citizens of Fukui enjoy a different dish called the “Sauce Katsu Don,” which is a bowl of rice with cutlet fried with fine bread crumbs covered with sweet and spicy sauce. The stimulating smell of the sauce is very appetizing to the citizens of Fukui, which is why the “Sauce Katsu Don” is said to be their comfort food.

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Center of Fukui city
Sauce Katsu Don Gourmet/Souvenir Gourmet

Europe-ken Sohonten is the originator of the famous sauce cu…

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Suburbs of Fukui City
Sauce Katsu Don Gourmet/Souvenir

"One of Fukui's traditional soul foods is sauce katsudon and…

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