Fukui Sightseeing Hospitality Guide

The "Fukui Sightseeing Hospitality Guide" guides you to Fukui's tourist attractions with a spirit of hospitality, with locals acting as guides. You can get a deeper understanding of Fukui's history, culture and nature while interacting with the locals.

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Free scheduled guide in the city

Starting from "Happiring" at the west exit of JR Fukui Station, which is easily accessible, we will introduce a digest of famous sites such as Fukui Castle Ruins. No reservation or application is required. Please feel free to join us as the "Hospitality Guide" will help you in Fukui for the first time.

Guide time

1st departure at 10:00, 2nd departure at 14:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Guide point

Around JR Fukui Station (Kitanosho Castle Ruins, Fukui Castle Ruins, etc.)

The number of participants

The first 5 people

Time required

About 60min

Guide fee


The meeting place

Welcome Center (Fukui City Tourist Information Center) 1-2-1 Central, Fukui City TEL.0776-20-5348 * Information may be canceled due to stormy weather or events.


Made-to-order guide

If you pick up the places you want to go from sightseeing spots such as Fukui's history, culture, and nature, the hospitality guide will propose a travel course plan, and we will also guide you on the course. We also have courses recommended by guides, so please refer to them.

Guide point

Customer request

Time required

Up to about 2 hours

The number of participants


Guide fee

500 yen / person * Please see the reservation application form for details.

Application procedure

Application procedure


Limited plan town walking guide

Please see the event information for implementation
Event informationHere

Other guide groups

Mr. Asakura Ruins Guide

Guide to the restoration townscape of Ichijodani Asakura Ruins, Asakurakan Ruins, Gardens, etc. Reservation required. Inquiries: (One company) Mr. Asakura Ruins Preservation Association 28-37 Kidonouchicho, Fukui City TEL.0776-41-2330 / FAX.0776-41-4248

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Ichijodani Asakura Archaeological Museum Exhibition Commentary Volunteer

Introducing the history of Mr. Asakura by exhibiting historical materials of the Ichijodani Asakura site. Inquiries: Mr. Asakura Ichijodani Ruins Utilization Promotion Council (Fukui Prefecture Culture Division) 3-17-1 Ote, Fukui City TEL.0776-20-0580 / FAX.0776-20-0661

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Fukui City History Museum Volunteer and Neri no Kai

Exhibits and explanations at the Fukui City History Museum and the Meikatsu Yohokan Garden. Inquiries: Fukui City History Museum 3-12-1 Hoei, Fukui City TEL.0776-21-0489 / FAX.0776-21-1489

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Fukui City History Volunteer "Storyteller"

The storytellers introduce the history and culture of Fukui City in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Inquiries: (Public interest) Historical Town Development Association
1-8-5 Asuwa, Fukui City TEL.0776-35-0855 / FAX.0776-35-0855

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Fukui Phoenix SGG

We help overseas customers enjoy their stay in Fukui. Inquiries:Fukui Phoenix SGG 2-10-20 Haruyama, Fukui City TEL.0776-21-4572

Contact Us

(Public interest incorporated foundation) Fukui City Tourism Association

1-2-1 Central, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture Hapirin 3F TEL: 0776-20-5151