The Seasonal Seafood From the Echizen Coast is a Must-Try When Visiting Fukui!

Update date and time: 2022/03/06(Sun)

Fukui is known for its abundance of seafood, such as Echizen crab, Fukui sweet shrimp, wakasa guji tilefish, Echizen flounder, and wakasa fugu. 

There are almost 200 kinds of fish and shellfish caught in the sea of Fukui.

Winter: red sea bream, sea bass, fire-tail devil

Summer: yellowtail, young yellowtail, horse mackerel, mackerel, tilefish, abalone, turban shells and deep-sea porgy

Autumn: red flounder (Echizen flounder), yellowtail flounder (Wakasa flounder)

Winter: Echizen crab, sandfish

Squid (dried squid, sword-tip Squid, bigfin reef squid) are sold throughout the year and are enjoyed in a variety of ways!

Visitors are often surprised at how fresh and delicious the sushi and sashimi are at sushi restaurants (those with sushi going around conveyor-belts) and those being sold in supermarkets. 

Sweet shrimp
Wakasa guji tilefish
Echizen crab
Echizen flounder







The reason why the fish caught in Fukui are so delicious is because it is a very habitable environment for the fish.















The reason why seafood in Fukui is so delicious is because of its favorable environment. The Japan Sea and the Echizen Coast are about a 40 minute drive from the center of Fukui City. The seabed off the coast of Fukui Prefecture is terraced, making it a comfortable habitat for the many fish and shellfish living in the area. 

The area also has a natural reef, the “Gentatsuse,” which is one of the most popular fishing spots in Japan. It is a virtuous environment that attracts a variety of phytoplankton and zooplankton. In addition, the fishing grounds are only an hour or two away from the port, meaning the fish can be brought back while it is still fresh.

Also, popular brands such as “Fukui salmon” and “Mahata” and processed food such as heshiko (dried sardines), grilled mackerel, pickled sea bream, and momi-wakame (kneeded seaweed) are unique to Fukui.

Pickled sea bream
Grilled mackerel
Grilled mackerel sushi
Lightly-pickled sea bream
Momi-wakame (kneaded seaweed)







We also highly recommend trying fixed-net fishing with the local fishermen. This experience is only available from mid-April to late October.








Enjoy some fresh seafood at the Fukui City Wholesale Central Market, “Fukui Fresh Market!”













If you want to try some fresh seafood, the “Fukui Fresh Market” is the perfect place to go! It is an area within the Fukui City Wholesale Central Market, called the “Fukui Fresh Market.”

There are about 30 shops lined up here. You can enjoy seasonal seafood dishes and seafood rice bowls made from seafood caught in the nearby sea. Dishes served at the long-established market restaurants are very enjoyable. 

You can also buy crab, raw fish, dried fish, vegetables, fruit and processed foods such as kombu-maki kamaboko (kelp wrapped fish cake). Come spend some time at this lively market, “Fukui Fresh Market.”