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  • Collaboration decided! A coming-of-age romantic comedy set in Fukui! “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” has received the “This light novel is amazing!” award over and over again.

Collaboration decided! A coming-of-age romantic comedy set in Fukui! “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” has received the “This light novel is amazing!” award over and over again.

Update date and time: 2022/03/16(Wed)

The light novel “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka (a.k.a. Chilamune)” is set in Fukui. This novel not only introduces popular spots in Fukui such as “Europa-ken,” “Hachiban Ramen” and “Lpa,” but also introduces Fukui specialties such as “Habutae mochi” and “Takeda no Abura-age” and even common sights such as “high school students riding a mamachari (a type of bicycle).

The author’s debut work was the first ever to win the “This Light Novel is Amazing!” The long-awaited collaboration between Fukui has been decided! “Chilamune x Fukui!” to enliven Fukui in preparation for the opening of the Shinkansen bullet train. The project is now underway!


What kind of novel is the “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka?”

“Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” is a coming-of-age romantic comedy set in Fukui. It is a light novel depicting the adolescence and growth of high school students attending “Fujishi High School,” a preparatory school. The protagonist is a handsome man with good-looking friends, and his fulfilling life setting is quite unusual for a light novel.

It won the Excellence Award at the 13th Light Novel Award of Shogakukan Gaga Bunko, and has already been published in six volumes. In addition, the novel is being media-mixed, with three comic book editions, a drama CD, and an audiobook (two volumes already in print).

*All as of November 2021.

The company quickly gained attention when it was ranked No. 1 overall in the 2021 edition of the “This Light Novel is Amazing!” It also ranked No.1 in the 2022 edition, for the first time ever for a debut novel! This is the first time for this company to win two consecutive titles in 2022!

The story is centered on the main character, who is living a fulfilling life, and realistically depicts the adolescence and emotions of high school students. This is a popular romantic comedy novel that is sure to make you cry. 


“Chitose-kun wa ramune-bottle no naka” PV

(Official channel of Gagag Bunko – GAGAGA CH!)

“Chitose-kun wa ramune-bottle no naka” 2021 “This light novel is amazing!” [No.1]    PV

(Official channel of Gagaga Bunko – GAGAGA CH!)



Fukui’s soul food that appears with detailed descriptions

Many restaurants in Fukui appear in “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka.” The location of the restaurants, their menu features, and even the unique way of eating are carefully described in the novel, so that citizens of Fukui would be able to identify which restaurant the characters are in.

Popular restaurants such as “Sauce Katsudon,” “Hachiban Ramen” and “Yakitori no Meimon Akiyoshi” also appear in the novel. If you read how they are described in the novel, you will find yourself saying, “Oh, I know, I know” or “Uh-huh.” 

福井のソースカツ丼といえばヨーロッパ軒。観光のランチタイムにどうぞ 北陸の代表的なラーメン屋さんといえば8番ラーメン。福井の観光のランチタイムにどうぞ 福井の焼き鳥といえば秋吉。福井観光のディナーにどうぞ
Fukui’s specialty: Sauce katsudon (pork cutlet served on top of rice)


Students and families like to eat here.

“Hachiban Ramen”

The people of Fukui usually order a set of ten yakitoris at a time.

“Yakitori Meimon Akiyoshi”


Well known and unknown locations that appear in the novel

As the characters’ coming-of-age stories unfold, many of the locations that appear in the novel are locations that the people of Fukui have visited at least once in their lifetime. 

It will be easy for those who have visited the locations to imagine themselves there with the characters. 


Entrance to Fukui

“Fukui Station West Exit Dinosaur Plaza”


You will always meet someone you know here.

“Lovely Partner Lpa”


There is a legend of the secret sword “Tsubame Gaeshi” being born here.

“Ichijo Falls”


This novel is gaining popularity for its attractive characters, very carefully drawn scenes and the detailed psychological descriptions of the characters. But above all, it is gaining popularity for its story that will come to resonate with your own feelings and experiences. The word “emo” describes this story perfectly.

Perhaps it is those who actually live in Fukui who can truly enjoy this coming-of-age story of high school students. However, whether you are a Fukui resident or not, check out this novel “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” and go on a tour in “Fukui!”


▶Collaboration event to be held!

【Collaboration decided!Click here for information on the collaboration event between the light novel “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” and the stage “Fukui”!






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“Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” (c) Yumu/Shogakukan Illustration by raemz