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  • [Full Story Added] Here’s the info on the collaboration event between the light novel “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” and the stage “Fukui!”

[Full Story Added] Here’s the info on the collaboration event between the light novel “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” and the stage “Fukui!”

Update date and time: 2022/03/06(Sun)

The long-awaited collaboration event between “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” and “Fukui-shi” will be held!


“This light novel is amazing! (Takarajima company)” where his debut light novel “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka (Shogakukan Gaga Bunko)” achieved the feat of being the first debut work ever to win two consecutive titles in the same year. This work is set in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture! Furthermore, there are many places and foods that anyone who lives in Fukui would recognize, as well as many common things in Fukui. That’s because the author, Mr. Hiromu, is from Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture! This time, we will hold a collaboration event in Fukui City, the setting of the work, and “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka.”


Event Overview

“Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” is filmed in advance in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, the setting of the book. The author, Mr. Hiromu, will be invited to the distribution studio for an online tour event where you can tour the stage while watching the video. Various events will be held in Fukui from Thursday, February 10 to Sunday, April 10. This includes the date of the online tour.

*Please note that some contents may be subject to change or canceled depending on the situation of the coronavirus infection. 


1st Collaboration

An online tour of the stage!

The author, Mr. Hiromu, is invited to the distribution studio for a real-time online tour of the setting of his works!

During the online tour, we will discuss the sacred places, food, and sightseeing information of Fukui that appear in the work, as well as events scheduled to be held at the same time and original goods from Fukui!


Date: Monday, March 21, 2022   14:00-15:30 (scheduled end time)

Event page is here↓

オンラインツアーで福井観光をしようThis light novel is amazing! Long-awaited collaboration with the hottest title of the year, winner for two consecutive years! Chilamune x Fukui Online Tour


2nd Collaboration

“Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” x “Fukui City” collaboration poster!

“Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” and Fukui collaborated to create a beautiful B2 poster!福井市内でコラボポスターを見つけるのも観光の楽しみ

The illustrations by raemz, who did the original illustrations, and the Fukui background are a miraculous match! (Dazzling!)

The posters are displayed in bookstores and other places related to Fukui outside of the prefecture, as well as on the stage in Fukui City!


3rd Collaboration

“Pilgrimage Map of the Sacred Places” is completed!!


A pilgrimage map of sacred places in Fukui and the sacred places of the work is now available!

The pilgrimage map will be distributed at three locations: Fukui City Tourist Information Center, AKUSHU BOOK&BASE, and Ichijodani Asakura Clan Site Preservation Association.

Please use it for sightseeing in Fukui City and pilgrimaging to sacred places!

Distribution start date: February 10, 2022

Number of copies distributed: 5,000



Pilgrimage Map of the Sacred Places


4th Collaboration

Life-size panels of the characters will be installed!

Keyword rallies will be held!!

 *Sample image (actual installation location is different)

Life-size panels of the six main characters in “Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no naka” including the main character “Chitose Saku” are installed at sightseeing spots in the holy city of Fukui. Look for the characters who have blended into the everyday life of Fukui!

There is more! Collect the keywords on the life-size panel to complete the password! The first 500 people to complete the keywords will receive an original novelty! (Please limit one prize per person.)

*The answer sheet for the keyword rally is included in the pilgrimage map.

*There are two prize exchange locations: “Fukui City Tourist Information Center” (8:30-19:00) and “AKUSHU BOOK&BASE” (10:00-20:00).

Period: February 10, 2022 to April 10, 2022

(*Novelty distribution will end as soon as inventory is depleted.)




5th Collaboration

Chilamune x Fukui Original goods completed!!


We will be selling five kinds of limited edition goods collaborated with the stage, Fukui.


In addition to the standard acrylic stands, can badges, postcards, and clear files, the lineup includes a metal book mark (the book mark will be added to the lineup on a later date) that is exclusive to this event.

View the merchandise lineup

Original goods will be sold only in Fukui during the event and online after the event.

(Sales may end when inventory is depleted.)


Goods available at: “Fukui City Tourist and Product Center Fuku Fukukan” and “AKUSHU BOOK&BASE”.

Sales start date: February 10, 2022

*Only the metal book mark will be sold at a later date (scheduled for March). Please look forward to it!



6th Collaboration

Collaboration with stores that appear in Chilamune’s works! Restaurants and other collaborations!

Collaboration with stores appearing in Chilamune’s work!

Please enjoy shopping at the participating stores while enjoying the gourmet food that appears in the works!

Original novelties will be given to shoppers at participating stores on a first-come, first-served basis (14 stores in 10 categories).

One prize will be given per bill and per person.

Complete the novelty exchange requirements at each store, and upon checkout, mention the words “I’m a collaboration participant” or “I’m a Chilamune fan!”

Period: February 10, 2022 to April 10, 2022

(*Ends as soon as all novelties run out at each store)


Click here for the lists of participating stores and terms and conditions of novelty card offerings.

Chilamune Fukui Collaboration, Shopping and Restaurant Collaboration Event <Get Original Shoping Card! >



7th Collaboration

Chilamune posters jack up Fukui!!

(1) During the Chilamune Fukui Collaboration Event, “event announcement posters” will be displayed only in the trains of “Echizen Railway,” “Fukui Railway,” and “Keifuku Bus (Elpa Bus)!”

The poster is an original new design only for the event period! Check out the posters on these public transportation systems during your pilgrimage to the Holy Land!


*Posters may begin or end a few days before or after the poster display period, depending on the public transportation system.




(2) Elpa, a sacred place, will be jacked up with Chilamunes!

All 11 posters from the Fukui City collaboration will be on display, and a unique campaign in support of Chilamune will be held at Elpa and Apita specialty stores during the event! Visit Elpa during the collaboration period!

Elpa and Apita Specialty Store “Chilamune” Support Campaign


観光の際は福井市内の所々に掲示されているポスターを見つけてくださいねRelated Articles

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観光の際は福井市内の所々に掲示されているポスターを見つけてくださいねSpecial site to commemorate Shogakukan’s official consecutive championships

“Chitose-kun wa Ramune-bottle no Naka” Special Site | Shogakukan | Gagaga Bunko


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Manners for Stage Exploration

■Use public transportation. (Bicycle rentals are also convenient.)

■Do not enter school or residential property without permission.

■Do not invade the privacy of students going to and from school or passersby by, for example, by filming them.

■Do not interfere with the business of commercial facilities.

■Do not take pictures in areas where photography is not permitted.

■Do not shout or stay in the area for a long time so as not to disturb residents in the vicinity.

■Obey traffic rules and take your garbage home with you.

■Take precautionary measures against coronavirus infection, such as wearing a mask. Also do not overdo it if you are not feeling well.

■Enjoy interacting with other fans, locals, and shopkeepers, and create good memories.

“Chitose-kun wa ramune-bottle no naka” (c) Yumu/Shogakukan   Illustration: raemz