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Girl’s Trip to Fukui – Save Money Using the Sachi Full Ticket! Recommended One-Day Sightseeing Plan

Update date and time: 2021/10/27(Wed)

This plan is recommended for those who want to enjoy Fukui’s local gourmet foods and souvenirs at a discounted price! Here is an example of a one-day women’s travel course using the “Sachi FULL TICKET,” a coupon that can be used in Fukui City. You can enjoy sweets that look great in photos, exquisite gourmet foods and visit so many other spots that will tickle your fancy! This would be a great opportunity for you to try some of the best foods in Fukui efficiently and at a reasonable price!


Recommended for a girls’ trip to Fukui! A reasonable day trip!

A brief explanation of the model course

Depart from JR Fukui Station

① Get your “Sachi FULL TICKET” at the Welcome Center.

② Enjoy some local gourmet called “Sauce Katsudon” at a famous old restaurant!

③ Buy some “Habutae Mochi,” which is a popular souvenir that appear in a famous manga!

④ Experience making rice cakes that will look good in a photo!

Arrive at JR Fukui Station


① Get your “Sachi FULL TICKET” at the Welcome Center!

The Sachi FULL TICKET is a discount ticket that can be used at selected shops in Fukui City to buy gourmet foods, sweets, souvenirs and more. You can choose your favorite shop (product) from the pamphlet you will receive, and exchange the required number of tickets for the product at the shop. (The number of tickets required differs depending on the product.)

Price: 1,000 yen per set (3 tickets)


You can purchase the tickets at the Welcome Center (Fukui City Tourist Information Center), other lodging facilities and tourist facilities in Fukui City.


If this is your first visit to Fukui, the Welcome Center is a great place to start! It’s right outside the west exit of JR Fukui Station which is very easy to find. It is also very convenient on rainy days. 




By the way, at the Welcome Center, you can get information on sightseeing in and around Fukui City, purchase transportation tickets for Fukui Railway and Keifuku Bus, rent electrically assisted bicycles (for a fee) and receive various other services. It’s a great place to stop by to make the most of your trip to Fukui.


You can even get these cute stickers for free! Lucky!



Click here for more information about Sachi FULL TICKET



② Enjoy some “Sauce Katsudon,” a local gourmet, at a long-established restaurant!


If you visit Fukui, you must try the “Sauce Katsudon.” There are many restaurants in Fuki City that serve Sauce Katsudon.


Among them, “Europ-ken Sohonten,” which has been in business for 100 years, is a popular and long-established restaurant that is visited every day by many tourists as well as residents of Fukui Prefecture. You can enjoy their sauce cutlet rice bowl using their secret Worcester sauce.




There is a “Sachi-FULL TICKET” menu at the Europ-ken Sohonten.

Mini Sauce Cutlet Rice Bowl (2 tickets)



Don’t be fooled by the name “mini size.” There are two large sauce cutlets on top! The moment you open the lid of the bowl, the sweet and savory aroma will whet your appetite.




The non-greasy pork cutlets at Europe-ken are popular with women. The cutlets carefully fried with fine bread crumbs, the mild secret sauce and the rice are a perfect match! We can see why it is so popular with the locals. 


To be able to enjoy the taste of a famous restaurant with just two tickets is just too good to pass up! It is recommended for those wanting to get a taste of a little bit of everything without getting too stuffed. 




In addition to the famous sauce cutlet rice bowl, the regular menu also includes a variety of nostalgic Western dishes such as beef cutlet and fried shrimp. “It is not available on the Sachi FULL TICKET, but if you are interested we recommend you try it out! 


Europ-ken Sohonten

Address: 1-7-4 Junka, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

TEL: 0776-21-4681

Business hours: 11:00 – 20:00

Closed on Tuesdays and every other Monday

Access: 10-minute walk from JR Fukui Station

Official Website:



③ Buy some “Habutae Mochi,” which is a popular souvenir that appear in a famous manga!


Next up, souvenirs! “You can find a wide variety of Fukui’s famous confections, foods and miscellaneous goods that are perfect as souvenirs at stores covered by the Sachi-FULL TICKET.


This time, we decided to visit the Matsuoka-ken; a long-established Japanese confectionery store that is the birthplace of Fukui’s famous “Habutae Mochi. In fact, this store is also featured in the popular girls’ manga “Chihayafuru.”




At Matsuoka-Ken, you can buy four Habutai Mochi (two in each box) using only one of your tickets. 



The silky light texture that melts in your mouth instantly is to die for! This would make a great little souvenir for friends and family.


You will also find a variety of Japanese sweets such as “Habutai Monaka” and “Habutai Dorayaki,” which are everyone’s favorite. This store with a relaxing atmosphere and tasty sweets will make you forget about your tiredness from your travels.


Main shop of Habutae-Mochi Matsuoka-Ken

Address: 3-5-19 Chuo, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Tel: 0776-22-4400

Business hours: 9:00 – 18:00

Closed: Year-end and New Year holidays

Access: About an 8 minute walk from JR Fukui Station

Official Website: http://habutae.com/



④ Experience making rice cakes that will look good in a photo!


“After enjoying Fukui gourmet food at a discounted price using the Sachi FULL TICKET, how about you make some Japanese sweets at the end of the day? (*Not applicable for tickets)


I would like to introduce you to “Rojieru Shouten Maa no Ohagi” where you can experience making colorful and cute Ohagi.


Making Ohagi sounds difficult, but at this shop they teach you how to make it easily using things you have at home, so don’t worry even if you are new at this. 




The making takes place in a small atelier in a renovated room of a home. The staff will welcome you warmly as if you are visiting your friend’s house.



Here’s a little explanation about the process of making Ohagi.


The friendly store owner is Ms. Masami Yoshikawa (a.k.a. Maasan) who is originally from the Kansai region.


The rice used to make the Ohagi is “kaguramochi” and “tancho mochi” from Fukui Prefecture. The toppings, such as red beans and soybean flour, are also made from carefully selected ingredients, showing the owner’s love and dedication to the making of Ohagi.




She makes Ohagi using a rice cooker, which is common to have in your home. The idea is to make it easy for people to make delicious Ohagi at home.


While the rice is cooking in the rice cooker, we make Anko. Mix matcha green tea and strawberry powder into the Anko and turn it into a brightly colored Anko!




Next, you make a round shape out of the freshly cooked rice. You must hold them gently. 





Then put the colorful bean jam you made earlier on top of the ball of rice, and decorate the Anko with your favorite toppings!








You can decorate a cute animal, heart shape or any design you like. You can create your own original Ohagi. They’re so photogenic and cute that you’ll want to take a picture of them!




Maa’s Ohagi is characterized by its moderate hardness and stays moist even after a long time. The small size, not too sweet, and gentle taste are very popular among women and children! Once you try it, you will never be able to forget the taste.


The finished Ohagi can be taken home in a wooden container (250 yen), making it perfect as a gift or souvenir for your loved ones. What kind of decorated Ohagi would you like to make?



Roji-arushoten Ma’s Ohagi

Address: 2-34-7 Tomyoji-cho, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Tel: 090-4277-7993

Price: Ohagi making (6 pieces) 2,700 yen (plus extra fees)

Access: An 8-minute walk from Shindatsuka Station

Official Website:


Instagram:@ 0206masami



We have introduced you to a one-day reasonable model course perfect for a girls’ trip to Fukui. You can enjoy Fukui’s gourmet food, experience making cute and delicious Japanese sweets and visit many other sightseeing spots using the Sachi FULL TICKET. Please come and enjoy the charm of Fukui to the fullest!