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Five Popular Soba Restaurants in Fukui – Introducing Restaurants Famous for Its Juwari Soba!

Update date and time: 2021/10/27(Wed)

Fukui Prefecture, known for its local gourmet “Echizen soba,” is one of the top two buckwheat noodle kingdoms in Japan. There are many restaurants serving delicious soba called Juwari Soba, made with buckwheat flour produced in Fukui Prefecture. In this article, we will introduce five of our recommended restaurants serving soba that you must visit when coming to Fukui. There are long-established restaurants that are well known and popular restaurants loved by the locals. Enjoy some tasty soba made with love by the chefs. 


Delicious soba that will make you want to smack your lips!

Five recommended soba restaurants in Fukui


This is a list of five soba restaurants in Fukui.

1) Stone-ground handmade soba restaurant Kyoya (Fukui City)

2) Soba Yasutake (Fukui City)

3) Kenzo Soba (Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun)

4) Handmade Soba Hachisuke (Katsuyama City)

5) Sobakura Tanikawa (Echizen City)


①Stone-ground handmade soba restaurant Kyoya (Fukui City)

Kyoya is a famous Echizen Soba restaurant located in a quiet residential area in Fukui City. They specialize in stone-ground hand-made soba noodles.

Juwari soba is hand-made with brown buckwheat noodles purchased from contract farmers in Maruoka-cho, Fukui Prefecture. You can enjoy some delicious soba in a chic and relaxed atmosphere.

The Enchizen Oroshi Soba is served in dashi stock and topped with grated radish. The noodles are thick with a firm texture and will go down your throat smoothly.

The Walnut Soba, which is rare in Fukui, is also worth trying! The thin soba dipped into walnut paste melted in broth has a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. 

The walnuts are purchased from a walnut farmer in Shinshu (Shinano Province). The shelled walnuts are then carefully cracked and turned into a delicious paste. It takes a lot of time and effort to make this soba set, but it is surely delicious.

Stone-ground handmade soba restaurant Kyoya

Address: 2-936-2, Wadanaka, Fukui-shi, Fukui

TEL: 0776-25-1662

Business Hours: 

11:00 – 15:00(Last order time 14:30)

17:00 – 20:00(Last order time L.O.19:30)

※Shop closes when the noodles run out.

Closed: Tuesday

Official Website: https://kyouya-soba.com/


②Soba Yasutake (Fukui City)

You can enjoy delicious Juwari Soba at Soba Yasutake. The noodles are made from home-milled brown buckwheat noodles produced by contract farmers in Fukui Prefecture. The noodles are carefully made by hand using only freshly ground buckwheat flour and water. They also boil broth for about an hour every morning to make several types of tastes. This is the secret to their popularity. 

Soba Yasutake also offers a wide variety of dishes such as fried tofu and seared mackerel heshiko. Their most popular dish is tempura, which goes well with the soba broth.

They also serve a wide selection of Fukui’s local sake to enjoy with your food. 

Soba Yasutake

Address: 7-9-35 Bunkyo, Fukui City, Fukui 

TEL: 0776-26-7281

Business Hours: 

11:00 – 15:30(Last order time 15:00)

17:00 – 21:30(Last order time 21:00)

Closed: Tuesday evenings (open if day before national holiday)

Wednesday (open if a national holiday)

Official Website: http://soba-yasutake.com/


③ Kenzo Soba (Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun)

Kenzo Soba is popular for its freshly ground Juwari Soba (buckwheat noodles) made with a blend of soba flour from Fukui and Hokkaido. We recommend you try the “Kenzo Soba,” which is a flavorful Juwari Soba served with a special broth made from the juice of spicy radish. The flavor of the noodles and spicy radish go perfectly together. The nice combination of the two flavors will explode in your mouth. It is so addicting that you will be done with your dish before you know it!

The building used to be an old minka (private house) that was remodeled and turned into a restaurant. It would feel as if you are visiting your grandparent’s house in the countryside. 

Time passes slowly here at the restaurant, so you can enjoy your noodles at peace until your heart’s content. 

Kenzo Soba

Address: 3-26 Matsuoka-Kasuga, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui 

TEL: 0776-61-1481

Business Hours:

Weekdays: 11:00 – 14:00

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 11:00 – 16:00

Closed: Monday

Official Website: https://www.kenzousoba.com/


④ Handmade Soba Hachisuke (Katsuyama City)

Handmade Soba Hachisuke is a soba restaurant located in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture. As it is very popular with the locals, there is always a long line of people waiting. In fact, this building, what is now this restaurant, used to be used as a flour mill. You can enjoy delicious handmade soba noodles made from unpolished buckwheat noodles grown in Katsuyama and stone ground at the restaurant.

We highly recommend you try the Katsuyama Oroshi Soba, which is their specialty soba set. The soba noodles are served with grated radish broth poured on top. The flavor of soba and the spiciness of the grated radish go perfectly together. 

The Yamakake Soba, which is another popular soba set, with grated yam and eggs may be a better choice for those who like their soba with a springy texture. If you try it once, you will not be able to forget this taste for the rest of your life

Handmade Soba Hachisuke

Address: 1-1-8 Sakae-machi, Katsuyama City, Fukui

TEL: 0779-88-0516

Business Hours: 

Monday, Tuesday, Friday – Sunday, Holidays: 11:00 – 14:00 / 17:00 – 21:00

Wednesday: 11:00 – 14:00

Closed: Thursday (open if a national holiday)

※Shop closes when the noodles run out.


⑤ Sobakura Tanikawa (Echizen City)

Sobakura Tanikawa is a charming restaurant in a converted storehouse with a beautiful garden that has been around since the Meiji era. The restaurant is famous for its Juwari Soba, which is made by hand using only cold water and buckwheat flour from Fukui Prefecture. The buckwheat flour has been stored in a cold storage for a year and milled in-house every day. The noodles served at Sobakura Tanikawa, which are coarsely ground and have a crumbly texture, reflect the owner’s commitment and desire for their customers to enjoy the original aroma and texture of buckwheat noodles.

The owner also carefully selects bowls that compliment the soba when being served. They use unique Echizen ware made by hand by an artist. You can not only enjoy the food, but also enjoy the presentation as well. 

Sobakura Tanikawa

Address: 2-9-28 Fukakusa, Echizen City, Fukui 

TEL: 0778-23-5001

Business Hours: 11:30〜14:00

Closed: Monday, Tuesday, 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month



We have introduced some of the popular soba restaurants that you should definitely visit when in Fukui. One of the appeals of soba is that you can enjoy the same buckwheat noodles with a completely different taste and individuality depending on the restaurant. We recommend that you visit at least a couple of these restaurants to find the perfect one for you. Come and try some of the best noodles in Fukui!

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