Fukui Japan


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We will show you the appeal of both popular tourist destinations and local spots.

Fukui's prized possessions

Fukui's prized possessions, created by rich nature and historical traditions.


We will be delivering information about events that are going to be held in Fukui.

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Launched “ikossa FUKUI”, a 6-language app with shops and tourist information in front of Fukui Station


Launched “ikossa FUKUI”, a 6-langua...

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Tourist area guid

We will introduce you to some of the features of Fukui city, and the neighboring cities.

Fukui city center
Fukui city suburbs
Ichijodani / Togo
Echizen coast
Tojinbo/Awara onsen
Sabae / Minamiechizen

Fukui city center area

An area where you can experience history, such as the "Fukui Castle Ruins" where the prefectural office is located in the castle tower, the "Yokokan", and the "Kitasho Castle" castle ruins built by the Sengoku warlord Shibata Katsuie.

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Ichijodani / Togo area

An area that is irresistible for history lovers at the popular "Ichijodani Asakura Ruins", which has become a hot topic in TV commercials.

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Echizen coast area

Echizen Cape has been selected as one of the "100 Best Sunsets in Japan". The beauty of the coast, which is lined with strange rock cliffs such as "Kotorimon," attracts visitors.

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Fukui city suburbs area

The area is dotted with spectacular spots, including "Fukui Fresh Ichiba" where you can find fresh ingredients, and many museums.

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Eiheiji / Okuetsu area

An area recommended for adult trips, such as Eiheiji Temple, which was rated as two stars in "Michelin Green Guide Japan", and Rokuroshi Kogen, which is rich in nature.

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Tojinbo / Awara Onsen area

An area with Tojinbo, a cliff with rough cliffs, and Awara Onsen, one of the best hot spring towns in Fukui Prefecture, designated as a national natural monument.

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Sabae / Minamiechizen area

Even in Fukui, where many "traditional crafts" are rooted in Japan, the area where traditional crafts such as glasses, Echizen lacquer and Echizen Japanese paper are popular.

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